Services v.1

Customer targeting service

Using market segmentation, customer personas and buyer psychology, we can target customers, guaranteeing a higher conversion rate than traditional marketing.

Product development

With vast experience in development projects from ideation to fruition, we are able to create winning products.

Product Engineering

Existing products or services sometimes need tweaks to achieve their full potential, we use product and customer experience data to engineer products to perform better.

Product distribution

With existing partnerships with the largest chains in Nigeria (Physical stores and E-commerce), we offer a wide array of distribution packages that span across the country.


With our media and communications expertise, we can provide, deploy and execute detailed marketing plans that give products the push required and extract maximum value from campaigns.

Market research

With various market perspectives, we can provide in-depth market research on any field, arming firms with all the information required to gain their desired market share.

Avuna Developmental

Here we handle a plethora of projects for The Avuna Group and provide support for its various businesses.

Media Consulting Services

Market Strategy, data, communications (Brand visibility & awareness), PR, Film, Digital, Consumer Engagement

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