Billboards in Lagos: Top 5 Hotspot Locations

Billboards are one of the most effective outdoor marketing channels through which your brand can make a statement and heighten awareness. However, the locations you choose to deploy them contribute significantly to their overall effectiveness. You must consider factors like visibility, traffic, and demographics if you want the best results from your billboard campaign. In this article, we highlight 5 hotspot locations to strategically station your billboards in Lagos for efficient outdoor marketing. 

Choosing a Location for Billboards in Lagos 

Before we dive into the top locations for billboards in Lagos, let’s address some core factors to consider when choosing a billboard location 


The primary reason why you’re advertising on a billboard, whether digital or traditional is for people to see your ad. It therefore becomes counterintuitive when you place the billboard in hidden spots, say behind a tall building or on a dead-end street. Instead, you should consider your choice location’s proximity to a major route. 


Now, your billboard might have exposure and be visible enough for people to see, but still not get the traction you envision. How much foot and vehicular traffic happens in your choice location? Usually, some data stats tell you how much traffic to expect from different locations. This is why we have compiled a list of prime locations where you can deploy your billboards in Lagos. 

Audience and Demographics 

Many people assume that the best place to station a billboard in Lagos is in busy places like the market or highway. There is no one-fit-all location to station a billboard for visibility and traction. In actuality, your billboard location depends largely on the kind of audience you’re targeting. For example, if your brand produces youth-oriented products, placing your billboard in retirement communities would be ineffective. 

Top 5 Hotspot Locations for Billboards in Lagos 

Oshodi Linkbrigde

Oshodi holds a reputation for being a nexus of multiple areas within and outside Lagos state. This area is a focal point because it is a commercial village accommodating hundreds of buyers and sellers daily. Oshodi is also home to the biggest bus terminal in Nigeria capable of influencing heightened foot and vehicular traffic in the area upon its completion. This makes the area ideal for billboard advertising. The billboard at Oshodi Linkbrigde is an LED digital billboard co-owned by Detail and Avedia Limited

Computer Village, Ikeja 

One of the numerous hotspots to station billboards in Lagos is at West Africa’s biggest IT and electronic market– the computer village, Ikeja. This bubbling market is home to over 3,000 small businesses and also accommodates up to 2,000 visitors daily. The influx of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area makes it an ideal location to advertise your brand, depending on your target demographics.

Oworonshoki Way -Third Mainland Bridge

The third mainland bridge is one of the longest bridges in Lagos, connecting commuters from Maryland, Gbagada, Ikeja, Agboyi-Ketu, Ikorodu, Isheri, Oworonshoki, Yaba, and Oshodi. With an estimated daily vehicular traffic of 117,000, the Nigerian Ministry of Works named this bridge the busiest road in the country in 2019. On the Oworonshoki-Third mainland bridge, there is an LED billboard that can be highly effective for advertising. 

Lekki- Epe Expressway

The Lekki-Epe expressway is a popular route on Lagos Island with one of the highest vehicular traffic volumes in the state. Reports on Research Gate state that there is an average daily traffic volume of 172,457 on the Lekki Epe Express toll road. This amounts to a high visibility tendency and makes the route one of the best locations to position advertising billboards in Lagos.

Ojodu Berger Bus Stop

Berger not only serves as the border between Lagos and Ogun states but is equally a commercial neighborhood. There is also a major bus park in this area that serves as a pivotal transit point connecting multiple cities in Lagos. All of these factors make this area a prime outdoor location for advertising your business. 

How Much Does a Billboard Advertising Slot Cost?

Billboard prices in Lagos may vary by kind (i.e. digital or traditional), size, and the location where it is stationed. Larger digital billboards stationed in areas with high traffic may therefore attract more fees than smaller traditional billboards. Owing to this diversity, it is best to directly contact the owners of your choice billboards to get exact price details.  


Your select location plays a pivotal role in determining whether the resources spent on outdoor advertising will yield the expected results or not The hotspot locations to station billboards in Lagos mentioned in this article are only a few out of many places that you could explore for your outdoor advertising campaigns. 

Detail and Avedia Limited is committed to helping brands like yours achieve efficient outdoor marketing campaigns. Need help choosing the best spot for your billboard campaigns, contact us at 09043237357 or send us an email at 


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