Marketing Trends to Take Over in 2023. Credit: Detail and Avedia Limited

6 Marketing Trends to Take Over in 2023

Marketing is never static. And so there will always be newer trends that will transform how marketers approach it. These trends do not necessarily take over before you can say knife; rather, they build up slowly and unavoidably to the point that no one can ignore them.

Moreover, marketing experts will have you know that the past decade has seen the industry undergo a sea change. This is also not to mention that the exponential growth of digitalization over the past few years has ensured that there are tremendous shifts in the industry. Throw in the impact that the global pandemic has had on consumers up till now and you will understand why it is of the essence for everyone in the industry to embrace adaptability. 

On account of these, this article will show you the six marketing trends that are already building up and will most likely take over throughout the year. 

Some of them you may be familiar with, and even if you aren’t, you’ll learn something here.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it. Here are the six marketing trends that are ready to dominate the industry in 2023.

1. Videos will become shorter and more captivating

As soon as marketers realised how effective short and humorous videos could be at boosting brand recognition and attracting new customers, they became the next big thing. And in 2023, you can expect it to take over completely.

HubSpot reports that a staggeringly high percentage of marketers (20%) plan to use short-form videos (60 seconds) for the first time in 2023. Not only that but also, by 2023, 90% of marketers who currently use short-form videos will have increased their investment. 

It is not difficult to fathom why this would be the case. Given that people who use the internet tend to have shorter attention spans, it is now essential to get people’s attention in a shorter amount of time while providing them with comprehensive information.

Shorter videos require fewer investments, and they allow consumers to easily assimilate information without requiring them to spend an excessive amount of time doing so. Brands that adopt this strategy will find it to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

2. Influencer marketing will become the standard procedure

Once again, 89% of marketers who are already using influencer marketing plan to keep or increase their spending this year, according to a forecast by HubSpot. In addition, 17% of marketers plan to begin spending money on it this year.

Since the influencer marketing trend gained traction in 2022, it has been shown to be an effective strategy for increasing brand recognition. 

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3. AI will transform content creation

Foundation CEO Ross Simmonds predicted that by 2023, “major campaigns will be run on the back of AI-generated creative and content.” This prediction was made in an interview with Marketing Millennials.

The Business Research Company also predicts that by 2026, the global market for AI in marketing will have expanded from $17.46 billion in 2022 to $48.91 billion. 

Many recent AI-based products are now available to consumers. Examples of AI-assisted content creation tools include, which aids in the creation of social media and blog posts, and Chat GPT, which is taught to engage in conversation and can be integrated with Zapier to schedule blog posts, social media content, drawings, and videos.

Marketers must adapt to these new platforms by learning their lingo and developing content-specific prompts. 

4. There will be more live streaming

The use of videos to tell stories is still on the rise. Livestreaming is growing in popularity because it helps businesses connect with their customers on a more personal level and earn their trust.

Live broadcasts allow you to show the “behind the scenes” workings of your company, build stronger relationships with customers through Q&As and webinars and provide more personalised connections by using video communication.

5. Podcast content marketing will be on the rise

Podcasts have been used by 26% of content creators and 26% of businesses to distribute content to their target audiences in 2022. 

The rise of podcast content marketing in 2023 will be because podcasts are a great way to get your message out to a large audience and showcase your ability to produce content that listeners will want to download or stream again and again. 

6. Marketing will be more influenced by Gen Z than Millennials

The generation known as “Gen Z” is the first to grow up entirely immersed in the digital sphere. In light of this, they have a very different way of making choices than their millennial counterparts. 

Therefore, brands that desire to stay competitive must cater to the tastes of this tech-savvy generation.

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