A Day in the Life of a Brand Manager at Detail and Avedia

A Day in the Life of a Brand Manager at Detail and Avedia

The happiness on your face when you see a beautiful infographic or watch a 30-minute witty video skit is awesome. But wait. A brand manager did that, like, made it happen. 

To take a product or service and develop it into an identifiable brand—a formidable entity that attracts the attention of target audiences and is often talked about in many circles—requires a special kind of finesse that only a brand manager could possess.

Here is a full day in the life of Damilola Omosuyi as a Brand Manager at Detail and Avedia.

9:00 AM

I currently manage two accounts, the first requiring urgent attention. And so this morning, I carefully go over the client’s KPIs, keeping abreast of the significant indicators. 

10:00 AM

I am analyzing the required actions to take to ensure that the key deliverables are performed. I go through the client management document and record the status of each deliverable. On this list, we have a social media campaign, product shoot, website development, newspaper publication and sponsored ads. 

All these deliverables have key handlers in charge of them. I will handle the social media campaign including the sponsored ads and product shoot. I work with my colleague to monitor our ad placements in newspaper publications every day. She just walked into the office with a copy of a newspaper in which our ad for the client was published. 

My colleague and I study the newspaper ad. It looks good.

11:00 AM

It is 11 o’clock and I have to post on social media for the second brand I manage. I have received my creatives from the graphics designer and sent them to the client for review and approval. I am waiting for the client’s feedback. 

While waiting, I continue working on my content calendars for next month. Just before I have to go on break, I receive feedback from the client. The content is good to go live on social media. I am happy. I post the content on all the social media platforms I use.

12:00 PM

This is officially lunch hour at the office. I take a break by going to grab lunch. Lunch is Jollof rice, fried plantains and chicken. I also try to relax my brain by watching Netflix or watching a few style videos on Instagram.

1:00 PM

It is time for me to reach out to the photographer concerning the Product Shoot. I do this and expect feedback from him. 

I meet with my team to develop concepts for the mood board so that I can share them with him.

2:00 PM

I do a quick brainstorming session with my team to be sure that the mood board for the Product shoot is impressive enough.

3:00 PM

I have to check in with the copywriter and website designer to know the current status of the website development for the client. I check in with both of them and record the status of progress on this part of the project.

4:00 PM

I go to meet the graphics designer on my team to follow up on the progress made regarding completing the creatives to be posted. This is because the social media campaign and sponsored ads cannot go live without the complete creatives. 

I also have to communicate with the client to relay the status of the key deliverables on my table.


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