How to Know the Perfect B2B Consultancy Firm For Your Brand: 5 Things to Look Out For

The primary goal of every business is to be distinct enough to leave a lasting impression on customers. Making sales is beautiful, but it is only a means to an end. You also need to stand out from the crowd and imprint your business in the minds of your customers – while becoming a recognisable brand along the way.

You already know you have an excellent product or service. You’ve managed to build a flock of returning customers. But now you want more. You want to expand. You want to get to that point of brand recognition and ultimately, brand recall.

And how do you do this? 

This is where B2B consultancy firms come in. While there are many of them out there, your aim is to work with the perfect fit for your brand. This means not just any agency that promises generic goals such as top-of-mind awareness and an increase in market share but one that invests in detailed and thorough industry research while acknowledging the uniqueness of your brand.

If you think you’ve found a B2B consultancy firm but you’re unsure they’ll deliver your goals or even smash the key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ve set, here is a list of five things you should look out for.

1. Solid Online Presence 

In today’s world where everyone spends an average of seven hours online in a day, a B2B consultancy firm that is perfect for your brand must have a solid online presence with a decent amount of followers.

Do you need to boost your online presence? It’s simple. Guage how well they’ve engaged their followers on their social media pages. Through their online presence, you can also evaluate their level of expertise. Why? It’s expected that they constantly share bits and pieces of trending content in their industry on their social media pages.

A solid online presence must also include a website. Go through their website. Right on their website, you’ll find engaging content in form of case studies and blog posts that showcase their industry knowledge and achievements.

This way, you’re convinced they are perfect for your brand even without moving mountains.

2. A Compelling USP

Most business-to-business consultants have a unique selling proposition (USP) they offer to clients. For some firms, their USP is to develop your business into a recognisable brand while other firms may have an increase in sales as theirs. 

The USP of Detail & Avedia Consulting Limited is providing innovative solutions beyond consulting that help to move your business forward.

This means that while other agencies focus on delivering a public relations campaign within your budget, Detail & Avedia does not stop at that but also crafts solutions that yield overall business growth and sustainability beyond a short-term campaign.

3. Rate of Responsiveness

Another major factor you should consider is the rate of responsiveness or level of interest demonstrated by the firm in question.

If you reach out to them to send in a pitch deck or proposal within say, 48 hours and they actually come through within the time frame you’ve set, that signals a high response rate and level of interest on their part.

At this point, you shouldn’t take their responsiveness for granted. It is not that they aren’t busy enough, it’s that they prioritise every potential client. 

An agency that demonstrates such a level of responsiveness is a good fit for your brand.

4. Superb Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is simply the use of a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on connecting what you stand for to the values your customers share.

Using a narrative, brand storytelling, therefore, aims to establish a connection between your company’s values and those of your target audience.

An agency that showcases its expertise in brand storytelling will definitely deliver the results you desire for your business to move forward.

5. One-on-One Meetings

B2B consultancy agencies worth their salt understand the importance of one-on-one meetings.  To determine how suitable an agency is for your brand, look at how much emphasis they place on one-on-one meetings.


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