Marketing to Gen Z? 5 Tips To Capture Attention

Marketing to Gen Z? 5 Tips To Capture Attention


Generation Z. This term pops up now and then in marketing conversations and you might wonder why. Is it not just a generation? Why all the fuss? We’ve had the baby boomers do their thing and retire. 

We’ve had Generation X. We’ve also had Generation Y or Millenials as they are popularly called. But this Generation Z, what is so special about them? – that we need to understand before crafting our marketing strategies.

Other than the fact that a simple Google search would show a result that says they are born between 1997 and 2012, do this group of people have unique characteristics that make marketing to them slightly different? Well, yes.

And in a few minutes, you’ll discover what you can do to have them buy from you or become a die-hard fan of your brand.

Generation Zers love videos


Your team is working on a marketing campaign that you foresee nabbing the attention of Gen Zers or zoomers and they are excluding videos? That’s counterproductive. 

It’s probably no longer news to hear that the attention span of the average zoomer is 8 seconds, so you should consider this when developing your strategy.

Make it as short as possible and as catchy as ever: think TikTok videos that don’t take up to 30 seconds but are still witty. 

And don’t forget that catchy videos only achieve their aim when they are on the platforms that zoomers love to use. 

They love to interact positively with brands


You’re thinking of snagging Gen Zers with a brilliant marketing strategy? Get them to interact positively with your brand.

Zoomers don’t just want to be inactive consumers. They are the type to gladly send product design ideas to their favourite brands and also participate in product reviews, says the IBM and NRF report. 

Get these digital natives to feel like they matter with the aid of micro-influencers that are easily relatable and they’ll treat your brand like it does matter too!

Be inclusive


Do you want to win the hearts of zoomers? Inclusion is the key. Make your brand stand for values that exemplify diversity and inclusion. “Gen Z is not a demographic, it’s a psychographic – we challenge institutions, invest in inclusion, and are extremely individual,” says Co-Founder of TOPICALS, Olamide Olowe. 

While marketing for previous generations would rather have you steer clear of topics on diversity and inclusion because they could be quite controversial, this rule does not apply when your target audience is Gen Z. 

Yes, zoomers want to know where you stand on gender inequality and racism – it greatly affects their purchase decisions. 

Be up-to-date and trendy


There’s no way you’ll be successful at reaching out to Gen Zers if you don’t jump on trends. And don’t be pretentious about it, they can spot that too. Tie your brand offerings into current trends but be organic about it – and witty too. 

Make it fun. Make it catchy. Make it relatable. Just be authentic.

Be multidimensional across social media platforms


Don’t create a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy across all platforms hoping that they won’t spot the difference and find it ridiculous or off-putting. 

It’s Gen Z: they have different purposes for logging on to different social media platforms. If they’re on Twitter, they probably don’t need to see an overly-edited photo of your product – there’s Instagram (Reels) for that. 

You also don’t want to type a formal letter as your Instagram caption – well maybe you wouldn’t do this – but the ultimate idea is that uniformed ads are a no-no. 

Authenticity is the language zoomers speak; they want to hear your brand speak it too – regardless of your strategy, do not forget that. 



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