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The Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Making Your Brand Go Viral in 2022


The fact remains that no one will patronize your brand if they are unaware of its existence. It’s basic logic. In 2022, be deliberate about promoting your brand. The more people you reach, the more likely it is that you will sell. Your brand’s survival is linked to its visibility, and going viral has become critical for the brand’s success and dominance in the market.

The perception for some brands, particularly small brands, is that it is difficult to make their brand go viral; as a result, they do not bother to give it a try and instead choose to play small.

This article will help to dispel the myth that going viral is impossible or that it is only meant for a certain type of brand.

Here are some strategies to make your brand go viral in 2022.


Target the right audience and the right platform

The first step to making a brand go viral is to identify your target audience. Viral content is effective when it reaches people that are receptive to it.

Know the demographics and social media activities of your target audience and create content that appeals to them. 

The platform on which you share your content is also important for its potential to go viral. As a result, consider and leverage the platform with the highest concentration of your target audience. According to data, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are excellent platforms for launching a viral marketing campaign. Keep in mind that each platform has its own set of content features and designs. For example, Instagram reels and stories increase the reach of content. Twitter works best with short, snappy tweets.


Create content with the right features

When creating content, look for features that will ensure the best results. Videos have been shown to outperform all other forms of content in recent years, so use them to your advantage when creating content. Great images and memes, on the other hand, quickly go viral and are easy to share. Use all these different types of content to promote your brand.

Create content that is appealing to your target audience and use all of the features available on social media platforms to enhance your content.


Show your product’s tangible and practical value

There is no better marketing strategy than providing your audience with useful information. Regardless of how fantastic your marketing strategy is, your customers will eventually figure out whether your brand has tangible value or not, and they will make a decision. Plan for this moment and use it to further promote your brand.

Word-of-mouth promotion by your customers is one of the most effective viral marketing tools, but it is only sustainable if they have experienced your brand and can confirm its tangible value. Show your customers how great your product or service is rather than telling them. When your brand solves a real problem for people, it will go viral.

It’s fine to have a marketing strategy that is fun, engaging, unique, and highly entertaining; however, if that’s all your brand is known for, it will quickly fade away, unless it’s purely an entertainment brand. However, if your comical content is meant to lead them to the real product, you will need to provide practical value to keep your customers.


Build Emotional Connections with Your Audience

Most people make decisions based on emotion rather than logic. This is proven by observing how people respond to marketing messages. People are more likely to engage with content that appeals to their emotions, whether by making them laugh, cry, be nostalgic, or angry. Create content that appeals to people’s emotions in the same way.

You can, for example, write an emotional copy or make a video that evokes a nostalgic or happy feeling in your audience and motivates them to act.


Create content that capture attention fast

The average person’s attention span is shrinking by the day. There is a lot of content online; to avoid being scrolled over, create content that stands out and captures your audience at first glance.

Your content should make an immediate impact on your audience. It could be a message that comes across as bold, funny, wild, or inspiring.


Inclusion and wokeness sells

The younger generation is typically responsible for brand virality, and they are drawn to content that is less judgmental and more woke. As a result, create humane content that is trending and is not derogatory to any particular community, race, gender etc. Include content from popular shows, culture, current events, and politics, such as BBNaija. 

Implement all these ideas the next time you create content for your brand, and you might just be the next most talked about brand in town.


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