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Finishing Strong: The Most Effective End-Of-Year Marketing Strategy

During industry get-togethers and business meetups, exchanging pleasantries and greetings such as “how are you fairing?” or “how’s your business or organisation doing?” are rarely taken seriously enough to elicit a genuine response, because it has become a cliché. In this case, however, the purpose of writing this brief article is to genuinely follow up on you. And more importantly, to share with you on a subject that is a major concern to me because it affects several businesses and organisations – finishing strong in an interesting year like this one. 

While we are gradually winding down the year, there is still so much the year has to offer, but it depends on your perspective. This is far from a mere motivational piece, it’s basically sharing from what I know and have seen massive results from sharing with brands, businesses, and organisations. 

I know you had expectations for the year as a brand, but your current results may not reflect these expectations. So, I want to share a quick tip on the most effective end-of-year marketing strategy.

While you may be far from your sales goals and target this year, or you are not sure if you will break even, let alone make a profit, here is the best end-of-year marketing plan to help you have the best end of year experience.


Do a review

Stop doing things that are not working. Ask sincere questions about why it is not working and change your approach if you must. You may be wasting time on prospects who are least likely to buy–and you do not have that luxury. Focus on the prospects that are most likely to close this year.

Do a review of the content you are churning out; are you communicating offers and benefits to your audience or just features. No one really cares about features. Tell your customers what is in it for them. 

Review your social media, website, and other communication channels. Ensure they align with your goals.


Understand trends in your industry

Stay up to date with what is happening in your industry. How do government policies and global affairs affect your organisation? You may not be able to control what happens in your industry, but you can take a vantage position ahead of time to benefit from the change and to stay ahead of the game. 

Double-check on what your competitors are doing right. What seems to be hitting the right notes for them? You can tweak and replicate interestingly and differently.


Have clear objectives

Have a clear objective for the rest of the year. They should be measurable and tied to a specific timeframe. Once this is done, create a plan to meet them. They could be raising brand awareness, getting more referrals or outright sales. 

Outline your strategy to achieve them, this could be implementing more digital advertising, video marketing, billboard, newspaper features, blogs, or experiential marketing.


Get the support you need

Finally, get the support you need. Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak but it shows you are strong enough to reach out. Collaborate where you need to. Simply identify what you need to get results and go for it.

If you need to talk to a seasoned yet approachable communications and consulting agency, Detail and Avedia is just a call or email away. We wish you an amazing end of the year, and if you know anyone else who needs this, please forward this email to them as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Have the most amazing end of 2021. Cheers!


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