5 Ways to Avoid Being Ignored by Your Target Audience


The competitive nature of the digital marketplace has resulted in brands being ignored by potential customers. As a marketer, brand manager or entrepreneur, a proactive step you can take to promote and sustain lead generation, and customer loyalty are to position your organisation as a customer-centric brand. i.e. putting your customer’s interest at the core of what you do.

To avoid being ignored by your target audience, here are a few tips to help you navigate this terrain.


Define Your Target Audience

The first step to defining your target audience is to understand them. This can be done by carrying out a market assessment and creating a consumer persona. Your consumer persona is your ideal customer whose problem you are providing a solution. Avoid adopting a generic consumer persona in your line of business without proper market segmentation and targeting.  

Also, cultivate a habit of listening to them, and be proactive towards the changes in the industry. 


Make your customers part of the solution

Several brands and businesses do not seem to put this into serious consideration before they start selling to customers. Having a great idea alone is not enough to jump into running a business. Design your product and service starting from the solution point of view. Think about the challenge your target audience encounters, before thinking about the solution you want to provide. If you have not identified a problem you want to solve, do not launch any product or service just because they look great on paper.


Create Useful and Relevant Content

The attention span of your average target audience is short, and there are hundreds of brands competing for the same attention. Create relevant and attention-grabbing content, and you will not have to worry about getting their attention. The more targeted and relevant your content is, the easier it is to engage them.

Some highly useful and engaging content are:

Video content – Videos currently are the most engaging content and tend to perform better than images and text. The rise of TikTok speaks to this fact.

Social media posts – This could be images, videos, and text. Create snackable content that viewers can consume on the go.

Blog posts and articles – Written content helps to position your brand as an authority in that field. A major hack for articles and blog posts is to write about topics that are beneficial to your target audience.


Use Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is one of the perks of digital marketing, it helps to display your brand to those whose interests and online behaviour aligns with your product or service. Google and social media ads provide advanced targeting options to help you reach your target audience. You can target the ads based on the demographics, location, and interests of your audience via these platforms.

Take advantage of the various tools available on the digital platforms to maximize your ads. They also come with analytics to track and monitor your ads, make necessary adjustments, and continue to optimize your campaign. 


Leverage Influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming a huge phenomenon in the digital marketing space. It has given erstwhile small brands massive leverage to compete favourably with older and bigger brands. Through social media influencers, you can reach your target audience faster and more effectively.

The most effective approach is to partner with an influencer that is relevant to your brand. Marketing your product or service through an influencer that is already in your niche gives your brand an extra wing to connect with a ready audience. 

At Detail and Avedia, influencer marketing was very instrumental to some of the huge milestones we achieved with Oak Pensions’ “Retire Today” campaign. Through working with insights backed by buyer psychology, we were able to match the right influencer with the right brand which yielded the desired results for the brand.


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