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Top PR and Media Consulting Agencies to Watch Out For in 2021.


2020 changed the reality for most businesses not just in Nigeria, but globally. It disrupted a couple of industries, causing the emergence of new companies taking the lead. Organisations became more tech-savvy, agile and proactive. One example of an industry disrupted by the pandemic is the PR and media industry. It has set a new course for agencies against the year 2021. Here are the PR and media agencies to look out for this year and beyond.

Red Media

They have a young, vibrant, and agile team with an excellent track record. Red Media positions as an agency that understands young people. After years in existence, they have done well to stay innovative and maintain outstanding brand equity.

Some of the factors behind their move to prominence include a pragmatic approach, innovation and tech-savvy outlook. While leveraging their influence and social empowerment initiatives to help brands and organisations connect with the audience, they enhance bottom-lines and give businesses an advantage in their industries.

Black House Media (BHM)

They have a great experience in publicity consultancy tailored to people in the showbiz and entertainment industry. Their emergence was due to the market feedback on the CEO’s excellent reputation in the PR industry that precedes him, pushing the agency’s brand. They produce annual PR industry reports which established them as thought leaders in this space.
Their unique focus on promoting Nigeria’s entertainment industry is highly commendable, helping clients in that industry gain traction and overtake the competition.

Detail and Avedia

They rarely blow their trumpet, but their work remains their most effective marketing tool. Last year alone, they transformed a couple of businesses and organisations from average communications efforts to setting the pace in their industry despite the pandemic. Detail and Avedia’s competency and market share are evident in the brands they manage; having many industry-leading businesses accounts.

As an industry-leading agency, they deploy quality articles, reports, and industry stakeholders’ interviews with insights beneficial to brands and businesses. They have top-notch talent, a team of experts and a great relationship with industry stakeholders. They also give back to society by empowering their community and supporting other social causes. Everything about this agency is worthy of note. In a short time, they have become the golden child of the industry and remain committed to continuously looking for solutions to their clients’ challenges.

Brooks and Blakes

Their unique approach to PR, metropolitan marketing strategy, event management and perception management has earned them this spot. Factors behind their emergence in the industry include their industry knowledge, their ambitious and agile approach to solving problems, digital expertise, creativity, and technology to drive brand objectives.

X3M Ideas

Since its inception, they have continued to wow the industry with great works, winning awards both locally and internationally. A vibrant communications agency that is huge on great ideas to go above and beyond client expectations. Their portfolio has earned them a couple of international recognitions like the CEO, Steve Babaeko becoming a member of the New York Advertising Festival 2018 grand jury.

Aside from creating excellent work, they are also a socially responsible agency that has given back to the communities in several ways. On the whole, they have remained an inspiration to the industry with their innovation and ambitious disposition.

Media Panache Nigeria

With clients that are industry leaders, they offer bespoke services like influencer marketing, unique insights and research. Their offices in Lagos and the USA is an advantage that contributes to their global reach and influence.

Robert Taylor Media

They are a PR and communications agency that use innovative campaigns to cut through the noise and place their clients as top players in their various industries. One of the things they are doing differently is their ride on real sector knowledge and integrated cross-sector communications experience. They have a collection of dedicated and energetic industry experts and affiliates working on projects, while they deploy unique cutting edge strategies.

Nelson Reids

They handle communications for industry leaders and shapers, including other media outfits. They are known for being ambitious and audacious with their approach. They pride themselves on keeping up with trends and other realities such as the impact of COVID-19.

Sol PR

They consistently maintain an innovative team, excellent with influencer marketing, and have highly skilled branding experts. Due to their industry experience, they leverage longstanding contacts across media platforms to achieve top brands’ impact.

Their emergence in the industry is due to their understanding of the media terrain, trade, and business press requirements to connect brands with their audience in unique ways. They are a socially responsible agency, promoting social causes that affect communities.


They consist of a proactive PR team that provide bespoke services tailored for each client’s requirement. They take time to understand clients’ needs and deliver content that supports a strategy to help achieve their goals.

They are innovative and deploy tech-driven strategies in their campaigns, which professionals in the industry manage. Their global affiliations and exposure are a significant advantage for them and the brands they work with.

Chain Reactions

With tech-driven strategies and execution, an innovative team, significant industry affiliation cum influence, and experience. They are systematic, organic, and do not restrict themselves to ancient business philosophies or practices. They inspire their clients and draw inspiration from them while offering strategic solutions to them with uncommon passion and deep market insights.

As a final observation, beyond churning out great works and leading the industry, these agencies are crafting a new narrative and leaving behind a legacy for the entire media space in Africa. Thus, agencies that must join this unique league of outliers must follow their giant steps.
These hallmarks separate them from others, and they have remained focused and committed to setting a new pace for others to follow. This is why most brands and businesses have come to identify with them as the undisputed PR and Media industry benchmark of excellence. They are so formidable in every aspect of their engagement that their works have become other agencies’ aspirations.