What the Best Media and PR Agencies Do Differently

What the Best Media and PR Agencies Do Differently


Engaging a marketing and communications agency to help build a beneficial relationship with your target audience, and achieving other set goals is no longer an option for any serious brand. Before you hire any of these agencies, you must take note of some essential factors that are part of the work culture and system of the best PR and communications agencies. These factors are the reasons behind their huge success and a great relationship with their clients.

Ensure to take note of the presence of these factors before you hire any of these media and PR agencies to manage your brand. This decision can determine the overall success of your organisation, regardless of how great your products or services are.


Research And Gathering of Relevant Information

The best marketing and media agencies in the industry are those who are big on research, and gathering of relevant information before they approach any brief or client. Even though they have garnered an immense wealth of experience over the years so that they can plug your brand into their system, and deliver result anytime, they still insist on treating every account as unique as possible. Thus, they ensure proper research and ideation is conducted before they start any form of execution. This approach is the reason why they keep churning out great works and delivering amazing results per time.

For example, one of the reasons why we at Detail and Avedia recorded huge result from managing Oak Pensions account, was understanding the uniqueness of the brand, and their customers that led us to deploy customised strategies like matching the right social media influencer, Taooma with the right brand Oak Pensions limited, which yielded great results, instead of just throwing money at every strategy, regardless of whether they are relevant to that particular brand or not.


Embrace Technology And Innovation

This sounds cliché but it cannot be overemphasized. You will be amazed that some PR agencies with big names are still much behind in terms of digital capacity. While some prefer to outsource everything tech to a third-party agent, innovation is an in-house culture for the best media agencies. And the challenge with outsourcing tech capacity by some PR agency with no effort of the in-house team to develop their capacity in this aspect is that it creates a gap in terms of understanding what clients’ goals and aspirations truly are when debriefing, as well as hinders the delivering of excellent service per time.

However, the best media agencies understand the factor of tech and innovation in businesses and brands of today and the future of such brands. Therefore, they make adequate plans to include these factors into their culture to avoid playing catch up in the industry.


Consistent Engagement, Accessible and Responsible Disposition

Agencies who are recording great successes, and smashing their clients’ goals are those who are constantly interacting with their clients and keeping them updated with every milestones, processes and strategy. No agency can do much if they are not on the same page with their client, regardless of the experience and capacity they deploy at every task.

This is why the best agency commits a lot to get along with their clients and ensuring they understand every bit of the journey.

Also, the best media agencies are those who are accessible to their clients regardless of how busy they may be. And they show responsibility in every engagement. Clients want to know that they have an agency who can ‘see them, hear them and empathize with them along the way, beyond the solutions you provide, they want to be understood’ noted the CEO of Detail and Avedia, Mr Tomi Ikenye. They want to know you truly care about them and their brand, and not just their money. Remember, there are human beings with emotions behind every organisation or brand.

Regardless of the market size of any particular client, the agencies that are leading the industry are those who show respect, and high regard for their client and their business. As long as you have agreed to work with a brand, whether small or big, they must be treated with utmost regard and consideration per time.


Client and Agency Relationship vs Partnership

While some PR agencies treat the relationship with clients as purely based on the execution of assigned projects, the best agencies evolved into a partnership relationship. That is, they engage clients beyond a particular project, they ensure every other aspect of the clients business is on course. They are constantly looking for ways to add value beyond their assigned projects. They regularly consult for their clients in other aspects of their business to proffer solutions to them. They do not hold back on any new ideas that may be relevant to other aspects of the business.

For example, at Detail and Avedia, we continue to add value to clients beyond the agreed project and functions because we consider ourselves true partners in your business. The success of the business we are working with is a direct reflection of our own success. Therefore, we are committed to sharing ideas, insights, strategies and other marketing tips with our clients.

On the whole, if you are looking for a PR and media agency that will help you connect your brand better with your target audience, meet and surpass your overall business goals, the above qualities are what to look out for. They are simple but profound that separates the best agencies from the regular ones in the industry.



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